Taping an episode of “Garbagetown” at Infinite Gain’s podcast space.

We have a podcast space above a butcher shop at the Original Farmers Market in Los Angeles. You can comfortably podcast with up to four people. Uncomfortably with five. Sometimes you can hear a trolley, bagpipes, or a full-on marching band. This is part of the fun.

We pilot podcasts for our Infinite Gain clients here, and the space is also available for voice over, tape syncs and for recording audition videos. Rates on request.

In New York, we are affiliated with The RadioArt Studio, a public radio quality studio with ISDN connectivity. Can do voiceover narration for film, video, audio books and  demos. Can do some music recording, but probably not a string quartet.

Need a public radio quality space in Los Angeles? Or anywhere else? We can refer you to the right people.

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