Jennie Josephson, partner. Produces podcasts, digital video. Enjoys a good pitch deck.

Matthew C. Flanagan, partner. Head writer, jokes for food.

Aww Pom, president.


We also work with:

Katie M. Best video and podcast editor, graphic designer and animator. She has edited several seasons of “Top Chef,”  “All In with Cam Newton” and other unscripted series. She edits scripted television, including Iris Bahr’s Svetlana.  Katie excels at practical observations.

Heather Porter creative director, writer and producer at Catalytic Creative, which specializes in promo & trailer editorial. She worked at Fox Promo for twenty years, so there is a high statistical probability that Heather produced the TV spot that got you to watch Empire.

Mary Haynes gets the business done. She has covered fires, floods and Area 51 for CBS News, before becoming a director of content programming at Yahoo!  Mary also worked at Channel One News, where Anderson Cooper and Lisa Ling began their careers.

Igor Torgeson, voiceover artist. Igor is also a director, educator and writer. He has the best laugh in the business.

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