Amplify diverse voices in podcasting

Ask us anything – If you have a question about podcasts, write us now and we’ll do our best to answer it.

The Ten Hour Consult – If you want to launch a podcast to share your unique voice in the world, we want to help. In June 2019, Infinite Gain Productions will launch “The Ten Hour Consult.” If you have a diverse voice, write us and request ten free hours of podcast consulting in ten weeks. It doesn’t take that much to get started and the world needs your voice. (Terms & Conditions coming soon.)

The 2020 Infinite Gain Fellowship

Podcasters are everywhere, but many of the biggest radio and podcast internships exist in New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and Chicago. If you want to work in podcasting, but you don’t know if you have enough experience, we’ve been piloting the Infinite Gain Fellowship – A digital Fellowship where people who live anywhere in the United States or its territories learn podcasting from the Infinite Gain team through a remote fellowship. We might not meet in person right away, but in six months we’ll do our best to teach you as much as we know about podcasting development and production, a little bit of journalism, and client management. If you want to follow along with our current IG Fellows, subscribe to our newsletter. (Terms and Conditions coming soon)

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