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Hello! Jennie here.

Infinite Gain Productions is a podcast incubator and consulting firm founded by people who like to help other people.  If that sounds like a bunch of cheesy claptrap to you, fair enough*.  

Anyway, that’s not us. We’re here to help you do what you love, and to help you go as far as you can see.

Maybe even farther.

Questions people ask when they first meet us

What’s the difference between a podcast incubator and a podcast consultant? 

It comes down to what you want to know, and what you already feel comfortable with doing on your own. 

When my clients and I incubate a podcast, our team is fully involved in as much of the process as our clients require– assisting with editorial development, revenue strategy, recording episodes, talent and team management, editing, publishing, thinking about social outreach, building a community. We’re there for you the whole way. 

Sometimes potential clients are prepared for different aspects of launching a podcast. They may be excellent editors already. They may have a social team or an established community of potential listeners. Sometimes potential clients already have a podcast but are ready to upgrade their production quality.  In these cases we narrow our focus to consult on just the few things they really need. 

What does this all cost?

Our mission at Infinite Gain is to help make great podcasts, and create opportunities for more diverse voices. We’ll work with you to create a podcast consulting plan that is useful, affordable and sustainable. 

What if I don’t have the right voice for podcasting?

Let me just give you one hint about this question: No man has ever uttered these words. Do you have a passion for the ideas you’ll be exploring? Are you curious to ask questions about those ideas to other people with the same passion? Do you have working vocal cords? 

Then you have the right voice for podcasting.

(PS working vocal cords are in no way a pre-requisite for being a podcaster.)

*You might prefer the kind of consultant who likes to talk about CPM'sKPI's, quick wins and low-hanging fruit. Oh, and stickiness.  When you hear an executive at a media company talk about stickiness, it means they've been talking to a consultant.

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