infinite possibility

What does infinite gain mean?

In audio production we use amplifiers to increase the power of a signal.

Gain is a ratio that measures of how much a signal gets amplified from its original volume.

Infinite gain—or open loop gain—is an actual audio term, but it involves a formula that looks like this:

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 12.36.39 PMSo we’re gonna skip it.

Infinite Gain uses the storytelling forms we love to amplify your voice. Whether it’s podcasts, video or writing, we’ll help you bring that one idea to life. You know, the one that’s been gnawing away inside you for way too long.

We’ll also help you find and communicate with the best audience for you. Because as much as you’re looking for them, they’re looking for you. Scale is great, but a quality audience stays with you forever because you’ve forged a true connection.

When it comes to creative projects, we reject the idea of a zero sum game. There’s always a more interesting way to solve a problem.


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